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Catherine B. all road

Peter's 29er


Took it out on a windy ride last night for 35 miles. First time in a long time that I finished a ride feeling as good as I started. No sore back or dealing with numb hands :) big win.

The ride is really nimble and very responsive so I guess he really designed it to me an agile ride!

One of the guys I ride with all the time said that I looked really natural on it!

Thanks AGAIN!

T, 700c road




Hi Renold.

Well, I'd been hoping to find the right words to express how much I love my new bike, but it's becoming clear that I'm not going to be able to articulate this easily. So I figured I should write and tell you that I have the bike, it's assembled, and I love it.

Everyone who's looked at it (including total strangers) remarks on how gorgeous it is, and as I've already mentioned it really is far more beautiful than I'd imagined. The color scheme really works, and the details are wonderful. The mechanics at the shop all loved it, and went to your site and were oohing and aahing over your bikes. It's funny to me that each of my bike-riding friends picks up on a different detail to rave about; my closest friend here on the Cape says the front forks are "sexy as hell" and is bemoaning the fact that I'm covering them up with panniers.

Really, I could go on and on. Bottom line: I am thrilled, and truly appreciate both your hard work and your skill. Thanks much.

Heather, 26" all road


Had the bike out for 22 miles today on a rolling course. Quick, handles well and tracks like it was on rails! I couldn't be happier! I grew up with steel and it's so nice to have steel under me again.

Anton, road sport







When I told my cycling buddies that I'd asked you to build me a custom single-speed, they all had the same question: "When are you going to use it?" I have a couple of other very nice road racing bikes, and my friends just didn't see how a single-speed would fit into the line up. But I've had the bike for a couple of weeks now, and the answer has become obvious: I ride the YiPsan all the time: from our morning training rides, to the long weekend rides, to just knocking around town. It has completely supplanted the other bikes in my garage.

Why? First and foremost, the fit. I never realized how many compromises I was making in "off the rack" bikes until the YiPsan arrived. It fits me in a completely natural and intuitive way that I've never found on another bike. The brake hoods are exactly where they should be; not approximately where they should be. Second, the bike is precisely what I asked for. I told you I wanted a bike that was fast but comfortable enough for long rides, a bike that wouldn't beat me up, a bike that had room for fenders but was still tight enough to respond to hammering. . . and that's just what you gave me. The bike is a delight to ride. The facts that it's superbly built and gorgeous (at least by my standards) are just icing on the cake. This is a wonderful bike that I look forward to riding every morning.

Bob D., YiPsan singlespeed road bike


The detail is phenomenal; when I flip it over to clean underneath the bottom bracket, the luggery (is that a word?) is as beautiful as when viewed from the top. The little bridge between the chain-stays is lovely. OK, perhaps that's too girly a description. But that's what I thought when I saw it so I'm sticking with it. Really, it's a piece of rolling artwork. Oh yes, the cable routing for the cantilever brakes and the routing alongside of the head tube junction is very nicely done; nothing rubs or comes in contact with the frame. The seat post is phenomenal, as is the custom stem (yes, I'm gushing...). Funny, even the carbon frame aficionados grudgingly admit that my bike rocks.

It handles straight and true; I can be a bit wobbly riding without hands
but not so much anymore. I'm a willowy rider but can now bomb down the
hills with my bulkier brethren. When I need to put some muscle into it,
the bike responds accordingly. It makes a world of difference riding a
bike that actually fits me!

Catherine B., YiPsan all road bike




It is unlike any bike I've ever had, it feels very natural and fluid.

Peter H., YiPsan 29er